Bumblebee Capital develops systematic trading solutions for the Global Equity Markets. We specialize in the research, development and execution of leading edge equity risk control strategies.

We are a small group of traders and programmers that are developing the next generation of systematic trading & risk management technology. 

Our equity trading & risk management tools control & measure equity risk, offering better access to innovative trading strategies that can make your Firm's trading more profitable. The risk control technology is applicable for equity Long/Short, portfolio overlay,  and volatility trading.

The section on equity risk control highlights its importance in todays trading environment. Take a look.

Please note that all of our trading activity is for our own account.


The Ecology of Market Risk:

During critical Market events there is significant difficulty in characterizing the optimal positioning of assets in terms of liquidity and risk aversion while maintaining the desired returns. Our objective is to process the information derived from these scenarios and translate them into profit making systematic trades.

The unique technology we employ to generate our systematic trades has its origin in Ecology. In natural systems, the role of information has much in common with the critical role it plays in the Financial Markets. In this Eco-Conscious era, our belief is that the next financial innovations will come from a viewpoint derived from ecology, via what are called biologically derived insights. These insights are currently being utilized in other fields such as distributing computing and offer unique potential to sophisticated risk control and trading. From this, we work from a framework which puts particular emphasis on strategy robustness.


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